It's all so bizarre?

And yet can't shake feeling this is simply part of greater machinations to enable more restriction of movement in the face of increasing mass migrations events.

See how EU has tried to "harmonise" drivers licenses and then national IDs. New drivers licenses were introduced 2012. New machine-readable state ID's went into effect in 2019. Qr code vax pass is the continuation and extension of this trend.

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Well, automatic brakes, steering "guidance" etc. are all in the EUSSR parliament's pipeline, being rolled out this year is mandatory break systems for all new cars - as in the car prevents the driver from exceeding the speed limit, something that may be necessary to avoid an accident.

Only, a computer cannot make that call. But the image if the engineer hero is to strongly imprinted, I guess. Problem? Technofy it! Didn't work? Clearly an even more complex and complicated techno-techno solution is needed!

Such as the soon-to-be mandatory Black Box in each car, initially for passive data collection in case of accident.

Well, guess what? It will active, and it will report every bit of info to the coming centralised EU department of transportation.

Expect fees and taxes for the climate automatically deducted from your accounts if you drive over your allotted monthly quota.

It's high time for all motor enthusiasts and real engineers (the guys who use their heads hands, not auto-CAD models) to develop wood gas converter kits and easy-to-use DKW. Simple, mechanical technology without electronics.

Oh, and expect the same kind of surveillance re: health and consumer habits.

So you really want to buy that Snickers bar if it lowers your social score, citizen?

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Welocome to the EuroReich IV ! Brought you by.... United States of America

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I'll move away, many friends are thinking to leave...

No one want to fight. So I better move away from brain washed and coward

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Well, COVID passports may become the new taking-off-shoes-at-airports. (Not that the old shoe-taking-off is going anywhere.) But look, this may well be necessary: with energy prices sky-rocketing, demand destructions is sorely needed. "Gently discouraging" people from travelling is certainly a step in the right direction. (It works, too. I haven't left CZ since the whole COVID madness started.)

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