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Welcome, dear reader, to my webzine. In these pages, you will find independent journalism, somewhat snarky historical and contemporary commentary, and the occasional ‘footnote’ with memorable images. If you like the content, please subscribe to my little newsletter:

Thanks for reading Die Fackel 2.0! Subscribe for free to receive new posts and support my work.

Thanks for reading Die Fackel 2.0! Subscribe for free to receive new posts and support my work.

A Little Bit of History About Die Fackel 2.0

This webzine began in autumn 2021 with a few lines, mostly as a kind of diary, or personal journal, to document the madness that engulfed Austria during the Covid ‘Pandemic™’. Back then, I penned two brief introductory pieces about my motivation, and since ‘the Internet’ never forgets, I might as well link to them here:

Please note that Die Fackel was originally a journal by Vienna-based journalist and commentator Karl Kraus (1874-1936) whose writings were ‘directed…at the press, German culture, and German and Austrian politics’.

What Can You Expect in Die Fackel 2.0?

Here, I cover contemporary politics, from a specific Central and Eastern European perspective, with a partially Scandinavian bent, thereby providing context to a number of political and historical issues that may otherwise be inaccessible to the English-language reader.

The content in these pages comes in three distinct categories:

  • Translations of what I perceive as ‘important’ pieces that are unavailable to an English-reading—international—audience. Depending on the perceived familiarity of my readers with the topic, or lack thereof, I provide a few introductory as well as so-called ‘bottom lines’ to add context and, well, commentary.

  • Original articles based on what I consider ‘journalistic’ enquiries, which come with a distinct focus on/about Central and Eastern European topics, if only because there are many more comparable websites that focus on more ‘Western’ topics already.

  • And, finally, opinionated pieces, or rants, which I labelled as ‘footnotes’ (explanation below). They may include a picture, meme, or otherwise absurd statement.

Who is Behind Die Fackel 2.0?

Finally, a few words about me, the person behind this webzine.

In my offline life, I am a historian of early modern and modern European civilisation at the University of Bergen, Norway. Apart from my own research—right now, I am writing a book on Crime, Bureaucracy, and Punishment—I am using the pages of Die Fackel 2.0 here to add a bit of information here and there, as well as to engage in civic journalism.

When I started these pages, I adopted the pen name ‘epimetheus’. Back in 2021, this seemed like a useful way, but since then I decided to appear under my own name. I did, however, elect to keep the pen name—which means ‘hindsight’—because I am a historian.

I am in anyone’s pay for these pages here, and I shall add that the opinions expressed therein are mine (except for those so referenced), mine alone, and have nothing whatsoever to do with those of my employer.

So, if you wish to reach out to me, either use the comment section, reply to the emails you receive upon subscription, of contact me directly.

About those Picture Postcards

In addition, I recently began posting select picture postcards from my late grandfather’s collection. Compiled mostly during the Cold War, I plan to write a book based on these picture postcards in 2025, and if you are interested in picture postcards from the twentieth century, please venture over to my ‘other’ hang-out:

Finally, a Brief Reminder

If you like what you read in either of these pages, you are warmly invited to subscribe to my little newsletter.

Content is and will remain free for the time being. I have elected to enable subscriptions as I put in a considerable amount of my spare time, and my thanks go out to those who elect to chip in a few coins.

While I won’t guarantee you’ll like everything I’ll write about, I’m certain that there will be plenty of food for thought on a variety of issues.

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Independent journalism, historical and contemporary commentary, as well as the occasional thought experiment, with a focus on Central and Eastern Europe.


contemporary and historical commentary, as well as the occasional thought experiment