I mentioned your CTA to Peter Sweden in his Norway post today:


Hopefully, he’ll help spread the word.

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BTW Epimetheus, I was forgetting an old email I sent to italian AIFA.

The mail was asking "Sory, but I couldn't find any list or database in your site about Covid "vaccines" Vaers in relation with Lots. Could you please let me know where I can find'em in your site or in any other site, regarding Italian cases?"

They never answered....

In italy what it makes them change mind is if you send'em a Pec, a certified email. Then they have 30 days to answer you, if not you can assume Tacit Consent to your answers

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This is so helpful. Thank you, thank you. I have Italian citizenship, but my Italian is very poor. (I'm working on improving it.) I was going to work on translating the note to send it off this week, knowing full well that anything I wrote, even with the help of Deepl, was going to look childish. The results will be much better now. P.S. I have sent off more notes to the different e-mails you provided.

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I am in the USA, not Europe, so I don't think I can say anything to the EMA, however, in your original post you mentioned trying to get published in English. If your current publisher falls through, why not try the Epoch Times? https://www.theepochtimes.com/contact-us I think your article is something they would consider publishing, given that they . Best of Luck and thanks for all you do.

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