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As to: " ‘I don't want to die for these people who twiddle their thumbs and wait for Putin.’

[I have no idea what Punf means by this"

It is very easy to understand: the majority of inhabitants of the Donbass and adjacent regions don´t want to belong to Ukraine anymore. That is the dirty secret of this war. On the one hand Ukraine claims to want to "liberate" the Donbass. But on the other hand the actual people there don´t want to be "liberated" by anybody but the Russians. Witness also the latest call of Selenskyi to evacuate the Donbass. Why would he do that if supposedly people there opposed the Russians?

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Few groups are as racist as the ADL. They give themselves the right to declare the cultural heritage of people like me as racist, right-wing extremist, and national socialist.

They have apparently never heard of 'Reductio ad Hitlerum' (also called "Hitler ate sugar-fallacy"). They can all go die in a fire. Let's see them declare the scimitar, the shahada, the shova, the hammer & sickle, the red star, or any of thousands of other symbols and geometric figures as crimethink.

No, they won't, will they?

Only symbols of peoples who will not bomb them, not assault them, not throw molotovs at their homes are fair game. More than 370 000 dead due to the Saudi war in Jemen. A race war as much as 'holy' war as it is realpolitik. Does the green flag of islam make the ADLs list of unsanctioned symbols? No.

(I know, this isn't the focus of the post, but it is a part of the greater culture war aimed at destroying all our heritage by declaring it "nazi", one symbol at the time.)

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I know a woman here, a Ukrainian immigrant to the USA. She's in her 40s, a US citizen now, but still has family in Ukraine. Back in 2014, I asked her for her opinion on what was going on during the Maidan unpleasantness. She refused to talk about it. This spring I asked her what she thought of the current situation. She said, "Putin has succeeded in uniting all Ukrainians against him." I was intrigued by this, because I know her native language is Russian, not Ukrainian, and I pointed that out. "Yes, that's correct, but that doesn't mean I'm Russian!"

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The quest to capture the hierarchy has been going on in Europe for thousands of years. The more brutal of them know the more they can take which always results in the less they can hold. But still that's ok with them, they can hide with those ill-gotten gains in the Swiss Mountains.

I think the Swiss are weak and could easily be wiped out if Europe flipped the switch to take it all back.

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flight mh 17

those terms mean anything to you?

and by the way the translation of "Russen"is not "rooskies"but "russians", your bias is showing....

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