Thanks for letting me crib from your submission, which I've done. Here's what I've just submitted:

I became a resident of Sweden in summer 2020 because of the tyrannical mask and 'vaccine' mandates in the USA, which has been abrogating each provision of the Nuremberg Code. (These 'vaccines' are gene therapies, as Moderna acknowledged to the US SEC in its filing for the quarter ending in June 2020: https://www.sec.gov/Archives/edgar/data/1682852/000168285220000017/mrna-20200630.htm )

In contrast, Sweden has used almost no mandatory measures, flirting with 'vaccine' passports for only a few weeks, which even then were not mandatory (affected businesses could instead reduce capacity). Sweden has not created a two-class society.

Perhaps, just perhaps, it is excusable that the USA, which never had a powerful Nazi Party (instead importing Nazis after the war), would forget the history behind the Nuremberg Code. But in Europe there is no excuse. Thus, I am beyond horrified that the Commission would propose to extend the 'Green Pass', 'Digital Certificate', or whatever is the current Orwellian name for violating the right of free movement and for coercing us into dangerous experimental gene therapy.

Please remember your humanity, think about the world that you are creating for your children and grandchildren, and reject this tyrannical proposal.

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Es ist bizarr, dass das Fortschreiben von Einschränkungen der individuellen Freiheit als Mittel zur teilweisen Wiederherstellung dieser Freiheit verkauft wird. Verzichten Sie auf das Vorhaben! Geben Sie so den Bürgern der EU-Länder ein wenig Hoffnung, dass die EU etwas anderes sein kann als ein technokratisches, undemokratisches, kontrollwütiges Monstrum.

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Apr 7, 2022Liked by epimetheus

....to stick that 'proposal' up their proverbial nostrils.

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