Being employed in vaccine centers or busses paid roughly 120 Euros per hour if I remember correctly.

One doctor I knew calculated how much he got per shot in one month, since there was apparently very little work at the time and ended up with a rate of 50 bucks per pop.

Ironically this same guy - once considered a friend - sent me videos by Bakhdi and Wodarg in the early days of the pandemic. He literally denied there was any threat whatsoever, only to end up employed on a "vax bus" a year later, while the German Volksgesundheit suffered immensely under the shrinking health care work force.

Making this kind of money just tends to inhibit a person's capacity for critical thinking. He made about the same in some other jobs (even slightly more), but those were extremely stressful.

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Thanks for highlighting this and translating it.

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What's the difference between the "green pass" and the yellow star? 80 years.

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"5th Generation Warfare"...

Get it now?

War is to solidify power in the hands of a few, while getting rid of extra people, when supplies run low, or are about to run low, as now.

Do we have any allies?

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Well it seems you can take the Austrians out of Fascism but you can't take Fascism out of their Ministry of Health and Medical Association.

Of course this sort of criminal collaboration - never existed or would exist in any other country....

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Some of us warned that socialized medicine would lead to such consequences.

Most still don't understand the causal connection.

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"but I’d like to point you also to the Asch Conformity, the Milgram, and the Stanford Prison Experiments" - the substack author "bad catitude" did up a Venn diagram of just that!


"Here I am. Stuck in the middle with you" - Stealers Wheel

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