Looks like Norway and Scotland - and everywhere else that's been heavily vaccinated - now have similar excess mortality issues, though Scotland seems even worse. The Scottish situation is documented at https://scottishunityedinburgh.substack.com/

and it shows that most of the excess deaths in Scotland happen at home rather than in hospital. This may be a consequence of the woeful state of the NHS in Scotland. Norway probably has a better health care system - one which can actually admit sick people to hospital - and that might be why it is struggling. BTW I'm grateful to the Norwegian Medicines Agency for their weekly report (Weekly report on suspected adverse drug reactions to coronavirus vaccines) which first raised alarm bells about these products back in January 2021.

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Out here in the US, I am reading "The Invisible Siege", by Dan Werb. It chronicles the remarkable creation of the Covid vaccine, celebrating all the heroes of science who brought it to market and saved mankind in it's darkest hour (that's a literal paraphrase too!). It follows the brilliant Ralph Baric [1], Barney Graham, Anthony Fauci, and all the scientists who overcame the immense odds to produce a safe and effective vaccine that finally put an end to Covid once and for all.

It's timing is almost as bad as Andrew Cuomo's (Governer of NY, architect of NYC's disastrous Covid response, disgraced "me-too" politician) "American Crisis: Leadership Lessons from the COVID-19"

As I read this book, I can't help but feel if the authors are wincing at allowing such passages to make it to print, now that we are close to 2 years of data showing a drastically different outcome than what they expected:


"Baric knew that vaccines that didn’t accurately match their targets could weaken human resistance and inadvertently make people who were inoculated sicker."


“Baric was one of the few scientists who saw the stakes clearly. It wasn’t that an eventual SARS vaccine might work or not. It was that a vaccine could be either an antidote or a poison for a future pandemic-ready coronavirus, and there might be no way to tell them apart until it was too late."


“Beyond it’s programmability, mRNA vaccines had one more potential advantage…. The worst-case scenarios, though, were serious enough. Could the mRNA, given it’s fragility, simply break down once it was introduced in our immune systems, rendering itself unusable? Would mRNA college with free-floating RNA strands present in our bodies, which research suggested might cause strokes? Would it produce a strong enough immune response?”

This of course is all true, as we have close to two decades of trying and failing to make SARS vaccines (let alone 80 years trying and failing to make RSV and Flu vaccines), all of our struggles well documented [2] so it shouldn't come as a surprise, but to your point, the incuriousness of the press is astounding when we have the own words of the pandemicists to hold them accountable to.


[1] If bored, my Ralph Baric thesis in case you don't know who he is


[2] Sample of studies openly discussing how hard it is to make a SARS vaccine and why it probably won't work:







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To quote an anonymous politician (whothe originator was is lost to time) and how bad many of them and their appointees in the civil services are at understanding math, let alone perform it:

"If 5% of the girls and 5% of the boys have tried drugs before age 15, that means 10% of all kids have tried drugs!"

As for caring for the elderly then and now: then, as in pre-1950s Sweden, it depended on your family's wealth and resources, same as in most places of the world both now and historically speaking.

Now, the quality of the nursing home depends on how rich you the individual is. If you're poor or even of average means, that means a municipal one - aka storage at Death's door. Morphine drips plus poor or no food and water plus low temperatures plus non-sweish uneducated minimum wage staff without job security - do the math.

That's why Covid took its toll among the elderly - the lethality peaked in municipal care homes or in municipalities where private for-profit contractors provides the service for the municipality (neoliberalism, when you just have to add murder by negligence to up the profit margins), especially in municipalities run by coalistions between the Moderates and the Socialist Democrats; whereas it leveled out in those nursing homes that were completely privately run, and in one municipality: Sweden Democrat ruled Sölvesborg (hence the media going mute about these things).

The 1970s GDR-style nursing homes were far better than today's.

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Covid the Barbarian!

The thought occurred to me how much easier for the working class people to have a lot less retirees draining their accounts. Back in the old days I could imagine tribes would just leave the useless old people out in the cold - another barbarian practice.

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