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Those mouth-watering sovereign funds.....

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XD You're afraid to get back to the bloody EU, eh??! ha,ha,ha

Too late to read it all I'll comment more tomorrow. In the meantime welcome to the EuroReich!

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Shining the light then: fewer than 10% of swedish health care staff (all kinds) are non-swedes. I could go into the issue in depth, but that would mean an essay. In short:

2/3 of all complaints against health care staff is against foreign staff, mainly doctors and nurses who cannot read or speak swedish well enough to do their jobs. This ties into the main migration/population replacement issue, so you can guess the politicking behind it.

Every year, about two dozen foreign staff, mainly eastern europeans, are found guilty of having fraudulent credentials, especially doctors.

That the politicians are reluctant to touch this pisses the rest of the migrant/foreign staff off to no end, and comments such as "This would never be allowed in [insert country of origin]!" are common; it is harder to accuse a romanian or ecuadorian nurse of "racism" than a swedish one...

Also, we lose lots of swedish staff to Norway, due to better wages and working conditions (abuse, threats, unpaid overtime, no benefits, and no career possibilities means younger nurses, especially specialist ones, often go work in Norway instead).

Before NPM and neo-liberalism, the health care system was originally modelled after the military. Senior doctors as generals, researchers as strategy and planning, senior nurses as sergeants, secretaries* as adjutants and logistics, and so on - it worked real well and the only political oversight was via law requiring that any medical practice be proven in a scientific manner (meaning that we would never ever have gotten stuck with the mRNA-jabs until they had been thoroughly tested independently of US/EU FDA & CDC).

Nowadays thanks to neoliberalism and NPM, not even the doctors have careers: they have jobs. And answer to politicians and civil servants lacking any medical training - the same people who cannot figure out why we have such problems.

*Due to feminism, the profession of secretary was deemed anathema to the creed and generally abolished, meaning doctors do most of the paperwork themselves, instead of seeing patients. You don't need a degree in economics to figure out why that is a loss/loss-no win scenario.

Also, re: epidemics, before the nineties the authority and decision to quarantine or impose restrictions was solely on the doctor discovering a confirmed case of one of the diseases covered by the relevant law for epidemics - the doctor would be answerable to his superiors and the ovesight committee (both composed of senior doctors, often retirees), but not to any politicians or civil servants. Due to the old system, the last outbreak of smallpox stayed small and only claimed about a dozen lives. With today's system, instead of the doctor discovering the infection immediately setting the wheels in motion, he would have to report this and the missive would have to travel up through the bureaucracy for days or weeks, before even coming to the attention of those authorised to make the call.

So if that would have happened today, well...

At least Norway's governement didn't try to burn or disappear documentation from their decision-making process re: Covid. Ours did, in open violation of constitutional law. Nothing happened. Not even the Swedish Corona-commission stating openly that the death toll was due to political mismanagement helped matters.

Because in Sweden, the ideal for the socialist democrats is "nothing above the party, nothing outside the party".

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