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Seriously, in EU you can't complain about northern countries, just look at data.

Until USSR was alive and kicking, Italy had one of the best Public Health organization around. Then all over sudden once the Berlin wall fell and so the USSR, USA started disrupting all of the good thing that the fruitful coexistence of center and socialist parties built before.

From 1990 until now and more to come, Public Health is a fake news, private Clinics gained millions from public funding and the Public Hospitals are not managed anymore by a Professor of any health science, but by a purely bloody manager that manage an Hospital as a Car industry... profit first.

They even changed the name from USL (Local Sanitary Unit) to ASL (Local Sanitary Azienda(Company)...

So, the USA health model is spreading or is imposed to Nato countries as all the worst things that USA is continuously exporting.... not democracy at all, but Fascism. Sory.

Almost everything that comes from USA in last, say 32 years, has been and is and will be bad, and bad news! ( a part from few, rare exceptions, but that don't last enuf btw)

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"Lessons from Norway, as the Government’s Koronakommission Actually Wrote Them"

Very droll.

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"... my favourite: obedience was high enough not to warrant coercion"

True! Look at Austria and Australia,

I am surprised that they did not blame Putin and Trump. At least they blamed Obama since he is also an immigrant!

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An important sentence in an important report is "received information on new rules and regulations at the same time as the rest either during press conferences or via official websites."

The same dictates demanded by the international fascists to every country. And this is not a case that Norway was fooled as Norwegian people were trained by the fascists and placed into positions of authority who accepted all dictates without question.

I continue to protest blaming non-existent neoliberals, but have noticed the correct spelling of fascist in this report.

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One Nation, One Station! XD XD XD

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