The Australian govts are still pimping people to get the third dose. Here is the latest example.

They are spinning their vaccine failure by pointing the disproportionate of the unvacced, supposedly, of hospital cases. (Yes, I've reminded the NSW Australia Health Minister that was not how the vaccines were advertised!)


Premier Steven Marshall said a disproportionate number of those in hospital were not fully vaccinated.

"Thirty to 40 per cent of those [in hospital with the virus] are not fully vaccinated, and yet the proportion of [people in] SA [who are] not fully vaccinated aged 12 and over is about 10 per cent," he said.

"So it's a massive over-representation for those who are not vaccinated."

The Premier said he was relieved by an uptick in vaccination rates, after a dip in recent days, as the push for boosters continues.

"I have to say I'm starting to smile a little bit more," he said.

"Yesterday there was an increase, a very substantial increase in the number of people through the SA Health sites."


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It’s clear all that’s needed for the ill/not-ill is another booster.

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Why on earth would I want to "relax" by getting tested with those godawful nasal swabs frequently and be living in fear of a positive hit when even everyone around me is already vaccinated (and boosted!) AND had to take a test before boarding? I'm guessing that many of these passengers must be masochists if actually pay for this experience.

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Covid Cruises is the New Thing: this time, fully-and-boosted ***passegers***

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