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I prepared an italian translaton of the mail at my post https://ucciderelasperanza.substack.com/p/urgente-e-necessario-invaire-una

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I will write to the UK and Belgian authorities as I spend time in both countries. I had never accessed the safety data for the quasi-vaccines in Belgium being more focussed on the UK where I’m happier with the language. Trying to find info on Belgium’s adverse events seems not to be easy but I came across a site that talks about use of Pfizer/BioNTech (Comirnaty) and goes on to say that this was approved on 21 December 2020. There is no mention of Emergency Use Authorisation. I understand that Comirnaty was approved in the US but that it’s isn’t actually available and that the Pfizer/BioNTech is the one being used which is still under EUA. Just reading the EMA website and the Belgian famhp.be (federal agency for medicines and health products) sites, I realise just how misleading these sites are and how anyone could believe that these jabs are fully authorised. This is another problem when trying to argue with people that they took part in a clinical trial of an experimental therapy.

Does anyone else have knowledge of whether perhaps Comirnaty is being used in the EU (I doubt it is and that again people are being mislead)?

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