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Thank you for this article. I am a retired journalist. The complicity of the media in this deadly Corona vaccine push is the most disgusting thing I have witnessed in my life.

Hard to believe the professions of medicine and journalism have been so compromised. But there it is. The evidence is all around us.

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Thank you for these translations, Stephan. As you likely know, I have been following Sucharit’s case closely, having launched the #IStandWithSucharit campaign prior to his trial:

• “Profiles in Courage: Prof. Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi” (https://margaretannaalice.substack.com/p/profiles-in-courage-prof-dr-sucharit)

I found Martin’s comments about holding politicians, authorities, manufacturers, and the media legally accountable especially inspiring. I hope he takes on the challenge.

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I am glad for Dr. Bhakdi’s victory in court. Jurisprudence is mortally wounded in the West. Totalitarianism marches on because the top of the pyramid desires it and because a critical mass of people have been successfully brainwashed.

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Thank you for sharing more information and light on this important topic, and incredible courageous man, and maybe more importantly infusing some hope in justice still existing 😊🙏

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The only cultural difference between palestinians and jews is the spelling of the name of the respective tribe.

In behaviour, values, mores, social codes and respect for humans not belonging to their tribe they are identical.

What all western nations should do, is withdraw any and all support from either of them. Let them sort it out themselves. They may choose to continue their thousands of years old family feud over whether Ismael was the legitimate child or not, or they may choose to make peace.

Let's just leave them to it.

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Additionally, check out the "Christian Whistleblower", Jeffrey Daugherty a former pastor and Bible scholar who digs deep and exposes the dirty talmudic manipulations and insertions into the Christian Bible. When Christians finally figure out how they've been manipulated, I can imagine all hell breaking loose!!!


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Notwithstanding the "Co-Row-Nah" pandemic "stupid virus" of "Russian Roulette" lot number shot solution shit stirring confusion creating obfuscation, you need to check out (if you haven't already!) the absolute shit that Brendon Lee O'Connell has had to deal with in exposing the absolute infiltration of the Israelis into the tech sector not to mention the Intellectual Property Theft.


The "antisemitism" blow-off CANNOT be allowed any more due to absolute national security. Let 'em fill out "Butthurt Reports" 'til they're "Blue In the Face"!!!

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